Entrepreneurship Education Clubs

75,000,000 Leones
Sierra Leone

Skool Grind SL

Aurora Foundation strives to create a social impact for people and societies in Sierra Leone. In the past two years we have focused on the start-up and entrepreneurial scene in the country, most notably with Aurora Impact but there are more initiatives on the rise. The education of young people is of high importance to us as a foundation, and therefore, we are happy to partner with Skool Grind SL and provide funding for their entrepreneurship education for secondary school children in Sierra Leone.

The Founder of Skool Grind SL and responsible for the project, Sunah Agnes Keili, detected a need to expose young people to social entrepreneurship at an early age. In September 2021, Aurora Foundation received a request for partnership and funding from Skool Grind SL. Following that a contract was signed between Aurora Foundation and Skool Grind Sl. Aurora committed to providing funding for establishing and running a project named Entrepreneurship Education Clubs for the first year. The project aims to educate children in seven participating secondary schools in Freetown on entrepreneurship, the concept, the entrepreneurial mind, and its skillset. The project will be running for nine months on an annual basis, starting in late October 2021 and the aim is also to include primary schools and gain wider engagement at a later stage.

After establishing the clubs, six-week training sessions take place at the schools where students will, through unconventional learning and a practical curriculum acquire basic bookkeeping and financial literacy skills, study ideation and how to develop business plans, learn how to market their ideas and finally gain collaborative and research skills.