Update Cohort 4


The past months have flown by – we are excited to update you on the progress and work Cohort 4 has been participating in while developing their business (ideas). The start-ups can be found here, but here is a small recap of what we’ve been spending our energy on over the past months.

January 2022
In January, we welcomed back Alexandre Tourre from Easy Solar during one of the first sessions of the cohort. He spoke about Easy Solar’s growth over the past years and talked about what the team learned from their entrepreneurial journey. It was a very inspiring session with many eye-opening insights.

February 2022
In February, Rosetta Wilson took over one of the sessions with a full-day workshop on finance for entrepreneurs. She took the start-ups through all relevant financial measures and templates necessary to run one’s business.

Later in February, we invited all our previous cohorts to mingle and network with the new cohort. We had the pleasure to hear some of the earlier start-ups pitch their businesses to the new cohort, as well as the other way around for cohort 4 to get used to pitching their businesses. We wish to thank everyone for participating in this event and hope to see everyone during our next cohort’s meet up!

March 2022
March was a vibrant and exciting month. We were lucky to have many excellent speakers joining us to shed more light on the topics discussed in the programme.

The first speaker we welcomed back was Henry Henrysson. Henry facilitated a session on critical thinking and avoiding common biases. He taught the start-ups how you can become aware of your biases and how you can avoid them and use those new insights in running a business.

The second speaker that joined us in March was Ajara Marie Bomah. Since the start, Ajara has supported our start-up programmes, and we were very excited to welcome her back to speak to the cohort about marketing, branding, and the importance of a brand story.

In the last session of March, we were able to welcome back Fatima, the founder & CEO of Unimax, and welcome Sidie Kajue for the first time, an associate at The Betts Firm.

Fatima shared her experiences and entrepreneurial journey with the start-ups. She talked about which decisions she took along the way helped her business thrive and grow. She was able to inspire and motivate the group and emphasized strengthening one’s network and keeping a focus.

Sidie, representing The Betts Firm, managed to make something that appears to be very difficult at first very easy to grasp and comprehend. He took the start-ups through the basic principles of taxation, created a shared understanding of why paying taxes is so essential and explained which taxes to pay as a start-up.

We are very grateful for all guest speakers and facilitators that are supporting Aurora’s entrepreneurship support programmes. Over the past years, the feedback from the start-ups has shown that these sessions were both educational as well as inspirational.