New year, new courses!


We are only two weeks into the new year, but what a way to start the new year! For the past two weeks, Eva María Árnadóttir and Tinna Gunnarsdóttir visited us from Iceland and have been teaching short courses in Sierra Leone. While Eva was teaching a fashion course in sustainability and creativity at our office in Freetown, Tinna has been teaching a course at the Lettie Stuart Pottery Centre where the focus was on expressing oneself, experimenting with creativity and to think outside of the box.

The fashion design course took place in our office in Freetown, where Eva started with the process of creativity, making mood boards, drawing and sketching.

The process was followed by designing a new clothing item or accessory. Besides the process of designing a new piece, Eva taught the students how to market their products and how to reach their target group through, for example, social media.

While Eva was teaching in Freetown, Tinna has been visiting Waterloo for the past two weeks. She started her course with exercises in creativity, and started working with colours and paint.

Throughout the week, she moved the focus to developing something new with clay and the kick wheel, which resulted in an amazing exhibition with the items that the students created.

Both courses were supported by Erasmus+ and were a cooperation between the Iceland University of the Arts and Aurora Foundation.