Kraumur Music Awards Nominees


The moment we have been waiting for is here! We are immensly proud of having founded these awards. To watch them grow and empower artists every year brings us great and sincere joy.

The Kraumur Music Awards Nominees are:

Al­freð Drexler – Drexler’s Lab

Ari Árel­íus – Hiat­us Ter­ræ

Ástþór Örn – A machine that runs on blood

Final Boss Type ZERO – 1000 Cuts

Fríða Dís Guðmunds­dótt­ir – Lip­stic On

Guðir hins nýja tíma – Ég er ekki per­vert, ég er spæj­ari

gugus­ar – 12:48

Kraft­galli – Kú­lomb

Kruklið – SAM­HERJI: The musical

KUSK – Skvald­ur

Kvelja – Andþrot

Kvik­indi – Ung­frú Ísland

Lilja María Ásmunds­dótt­ir & Ines Zin­ho – In­ternal Hum­an

Oh Mama – Hamra­borg

Óskar Kjart­ans­son – Gork

Ronja – 00000

Siggi Olafs­son (Berg­lind Ágústs­dótt­ir) – Lost at war

Skur­ken – Dag­ur

Stirn­ir – Beautif­ul Sum­mer, Big Stjarna

Ultraf­l­ex – In­finite Well­ness

Una Torfa – Flækt og týnd og einmana

Kraumur music fund was established in 2008 Aurora Foundation in support of Icelandic music and artists – with special attention given to new and emerging talent. The fund operates on both local and on international level, cooperates with various bodies within Iceland’s music sector and annually grants the Kraumur Music Awards for the best albums being released in Iceland. This year the awards will be awarded for the fifteenth time!
By clicking here you can get to know last years winners.

The jury has been working hard on reviewing all the music released this year in Iceland. All releases by Icelandic artists are eligible for the award – whether they are released on CD, vinyl or online. Artists and bands do not have to apply for their albums to be considered by the jury or pay an entry fee. This year the jury consists of: Árni Mathíasson (chairman of the jury), Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir, María Lilja Þrastardóttir, Óli Dóri, Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld, Trausti Júlíusson og Þorbjörg Roach Gunnarsdóttir.

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