Hause of Salone – Creative space in Sierra Leone


The House of Salone – A Creative Experience took place on 30th April 2023. The event, which was sponsored by Aurora Foundation, aimed to create safe spaces that embodied creative experiences at the intersection of music, stories, fashion, writings, visuals, identity, and society. House of Salone prided itself on centering marginalized voices, those that were often erased, marginalized, and ignored. As part of the 4th edition of the event, House of Salone curated an experience that focused on marginalized writings, plays with diverse cast members, music performances by Mansa Maca, a queer Sierra Leonean musician, and a reflective DJ set on the theme of freedom. Led by young Sierra Leonean artists, including musicians, fashion designers, writers, and actors, House of Salone aimed to bring marginalized voices and talent to the forefront, providing opportunities for creative expression and open dialogue on important topics for the youth and society. Through the curation of words, plays, music, and a DJ set, the event created a celebratory and inclusive creative experience. 

Pictures are taken from the @hauseofsalone Instagram account – we highly recommend giving them a follow.

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