The Kraumur Music Awards 2023


The Kraumur Music Awards took place last night at Kex, this is the sixteenth year in a row that the Kraumur Music Awards take place! This time it was Apex Anima, Elín Hall, Eva808, Neonme, Spacestation and ex.girls who received the award. We wholeheartedly congratulate all of them as well as the other 14 artists and albums who were nominated. See the list of nominees here.

”Kraumur music fund was established in 2008 the Aurora Charity Fund in support of Icelandic music and artists – with special attention given to new and emerging talent. The fund operates on both local and on international level, cooperates with various bodies within Iceland’s music sector and annually grants the Kraumur Music Awards for the best albums being released in Iceland.”

Thank you all for showing up and celebrating the Kraumur Music Awards nominees and winners with us!


The Winners

The Winners

The Judges


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