Welcome to the opening of Sweet Salone & 1+1+1


We hereby invite you to the opening of Sweet Salone & 1+1+1 on Wednesday, March 14th at 17:00 in Mengi, Óðinsgötu 2, 101 Reykjavik.

There we will be celebrating a colorful cooperation between the Nordic design team 1+1+1 and craftspeople in Sierra Leone.

1+1+1 is an experimental collaboration between designers from three Nordic countries: Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden and Aalto+Aalto from Finland.

In the new collection of 1+1+1, the fusion of sleek Nordic design and rustic African craftsmanship results in exciting new shapes and forms. Sharing ideas, working together and learning from one another has made a profound impact and, improved lives.

The final result is the combination of joy, hope, knowledge, and friendship, experienced by all those involved.

Mengi will be open during Design March as follows:

  1. March: 17:00–19:00, 15-16. March: 11:00–17:00, 17-18. March: 12:00–17:00

The products will be sold in Geysir Heima on Skólavörðustígur following the exhibition on DesignMarch.

For further information on the project SWEET SALONE please see here.

Guðbjörg from KerRvk is here!

Guðbjörg from KerRvk is here!

The center busses with life everyday, and the humor and happiness in the air are very tangible. Guðbjörg is here! Guðbjörg Káradóttir is the founder of Ker, a brand based in Reykjavik Iceland. All items by Ker are designed and handmade on the wheel with passion and...

Equipping the youth of Sierra Leone for the age of digitization

Equipping the youth of Sierra Leone for the age of digitization

On Friday the 16th of December we got together with Isata Jallo. Isata Jallo was a member of  Aurora Impact’s second Cohort. We decided to meet at the launch of Freetown design and creative art network, a collaborative project between Freetown and Milan...

The Power of Photography

The Power of Photography

Hickmatu is a young inspiring Sierra Leonean photographer, we got to know Hickmatu when she joined Aurora Impact's 3rd Cohort back in 2020. We have kept a close eye on her since then, and it has been inspiring to say the least, to see the beauty she has created whilst...