Launch on Thursday!


Almost a year ago we invited 18 different musicians to meet up and spend a week together at a small guesthouse just outside of Freetown. The musicians were from Iceland, the UK, and Sierra Leone, and most of them had never met before. We called it the Music Writing Week, but our expectations for songs to be written from scratch were very low. What we wanted to get out of this was for them to share experiences and learn from each other, all coming from very different backgrounds.

But what an energy! That week was truly magical, and the musicians wrote 22 songs in only three days. And now it is time to present some of this magic. On Thursday large part of the musicians will meet up in London and perform some of the songs that we will then subsequently launch. The first song will be released this coming Friday, and then for 12 Fridays in a row, a new song will be released. On the 6th December, the full compilation will be released alongside the 3 part documentary series about the music’s production 

We urge all of you in London who can to come and join us on Thursday to celebrate the launch of the first song!

Venue: The Jago, 440 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London

Time: 7:30 onwards

Buy your ticket: Here

Fantacee Wiz recording her vocals

Sammi and Mark in the studio

Solo, Arnljotur and Sammi


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