A visit from the newly established Icelandic embassy in Sierra Leone


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland has inaugurated its embassy in Sierra Leone. This landmark development not only strengthens diplomatic ties but also paves the way for further collaborative efforts between the two nations.

Over the years, the Ministry has been a steadfast supporter of the Aurora Foundation, extending its assistance in various capacities. Notable contributions include backing the Lettie Stuart Pottery, a project that thrives with unwavering support from the dedicated Sweet Salone Team. Additionally, the Ministry has played a pivotal role in supporting the startup accelerator run by the Aurora Impact Team.

As a testament to their commitment, the Director of the Embassy of Iceland in Sierra Leone, Ásdís Bjarnadóttir, and her colleague, Kjartan Atli Óskarsson, embarked on a visit to the Lettie Stuart Pottery in early September. Joining them was Davið Bjarnason, representing the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their presence and continued dedication have been instrumental in advancing the Lettie Stuart Pottery project, significantly shaping its progress.

The unwavering support and cooperation between the Icelandic Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Aurora Foundation have not only created opportunities for growth but have also strengthened the bonds of friendship between Iceland and Sierra Leone.

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