Eleventh allocation of Aurora Design fund


This time the fund received 70 applications from all fields of design.  A special emphasis was on architecture and the project HÆG BREYTILEG ÁTT (English: Wind of Change) which Aurora Design Fund has been working on, received a special donation. The project was introduced at a special occasion on HönnunarMars (English: DesignMarch) last spring.

WIND OF CHANGE is a regional development project with an emphasis on concepts that promote environmentally friendly housing, community awareness, economical and progressive residential opportunities within Icelandic urban areas, based on sharing of ideas and cooperation. Advertisements will be sent out in the next few days asking for participants to form teams of designers, architects, technical people, and people within the humanities as well as science to tackle this important project. Aurora Fund’s partners in this project are the city of Reykjavík, the Federation of Icelandic Industries and Iceland Design Centre.

In addition to the project WIND OF CHANGE grants will be allocated to five other projects. These are book works within architecture, a project about three dimensional creation and technique, a fashion design project and two newly graduated designers will receive grants for internship abroad:

REYKJAVIK EINS OG HÚN HEFÐI GETAÐ ORÐIÐ, (English: Reykjavik as it could have developed), book work (ISK 1,000).

Guðni Valberg architect and Anna Dröfn Ágústsdóttir historian will receive continued support for a research- and design project in preparation for the writing of a book about the history of design and the placement of many of the most important buildings in Reykjavík.

Project Í ÞÍNAR HENDUR (English: Into your hands) – three dimensional creation and technology (ISK 1.4 million).

The project Í ÞÍNAR HENDUR – three dimensional creation and technology is a vibrant multidisciplinary work shop of artists, designers, IT specialists and engineers where the impact of the foreseeable revolution in three dimensional printing technology, will be studied.  It is the company StudioBility and Reykjavik Art Festival that are the entrepreneurs and the responsible parties of this project and other partners besides Aurora Design Fund are Iceland Academy of the Arts and Reykjavík University.

Jör by Guðmundur Jörundsson (ISK 2 million).
The company Jör by Guðmundur Jörundsson receives a grant for product development and prototyping of the autumn and winter collection of the company.

Klara Arnaldsdóttir (ISK 500,000).
Klara Arnaldsdóttir graduated in 2012 from Iceland Academy of Arts in graphic design. Klara will receive a grant for internship at the company karlssonwilker in New York where she will have the guidance of the graphic designers Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker. http://klaraarnalds.prosite.com

Guðrún Harðardóttir (ISK 500,000).
Guðrún Harðardóttir finished a BA degree in product design at Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012. Guðrún receives a grant for internship at Statens Værksteder for Kunst in Copenhagen.

Two new groups of ICT graduates!

Two new groups of ICT graduates!

Despite the rains and challenges, Aurora Foundation and Byte Limited were able to host two groups of ICT classes over the past two weeks, both Beginner trainings. One class took place in the morning with trainer John, and the other in the afternoon with trainer...

Another successful ICT course at Aurora

Another successful ICT course at Aurora

From the 4th to the 15th of July, Aurora foundation and Byte Limited were honoured to host another ICT training for beginners during the afternoon hours. Eighteen students graduated after the exam and were awarded certificates during the graduation ceremony. We thank...

New ICT graduates!

New ICT graduates!

Last week we were able to congratulate not one, but two groups of ICT students with a certificate after they passed their exam! The past two weeks we had the pleasure of hosting an Intermediate ICT training during morning hours, and a Coding Bootcamp in the afternoon....