Pop Up Market, Sweet Salone 2022


Last weekend we held our long awaited pop-up market at the Aurora Foundation Office in Freetown!

The market exceeded all our expectations, we are extremely happy with the participation and joy that reigned throughout the weekend. We are also very much looking forward to hosting our Christmas market back in Iceland on the 9th to the 11th of December! We are pretty sure that the same joy and warmth will prevail in MENGI as it did here this weekend. We can clearly see the importance of nurturing and cultivating the creative sector here in Sierra Leone, furthermore we see that the Aurora Foundation is an important partner in making that happening.

This year, like previous years, The Lettie Stuart Pottery that we support together with SLADEA (Sierra Leone Adult Education Association) and the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also had their own products for sale and they attracted a lot of well deserved attention for their extraordinary craftmanship, all 100% handmade with care. Lettie Stuart Pottery was officially opened in February 2019 and in 2021 we signed a 5-year partnership agreement with LSP, big developments coming very soon!  Each year we also invite one artist from Sierra Leone to have a booth in our space. This year it was ,,Shea and more” skin and haircare, who provided the market a lovely presence as well as a sweet aroma. The company is run by a young Sierra Leonean woman, she started her journey 5 years ago. Now she boasts of her own skin and haircare line, the majority of the ingredients she uses are locally sourced, therefore she is not reliant on importing goods to sustain her business.  We look forward to following her journey!



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