The University of Arts Students’ Journey


After two fruitful and successful months, the journey of this beneficial exchange has come to an end. We want to reminisce and recount some of the highlights of their stay and our collaboration, as well as the impact they made and “legacy” left behind.

Guðrún, Kamilla, and Láki are second-year students at the Iceland University of the Arts. They have been working with us and our collaborators on various projects since their arrival two months ago. We want to, first of all, thank them for having been as open minded, interested, collaborative, and creative as they were and for this time we shared together. We are reassured that this exchange has been a fruitful learning experience for us all, and as you can see from the photos below, there were also some great deliverables!

Our partners and artisans pictured with the students at the new signboard for the Lumley Beach Market (here still in the making) that they designed and made collaboratively.

Here are two of the artisans contributing to the making of the signboard.

And here is the final outcome!

Furthermore, the students organized and facilitated courses, held workshops and got to know many Sierra Leoneans and their projects during their stay. To name some, they carried out successful training courses at both the Lettie Stuart Pottery Centre and the Izelia Hub, and below they are pictured with Amadu-Bella Ba, Sibyl Harleston, James Aman Jus, and Alusine Sesay, who were participants in an interactive and interesting housing workshop that took place in our offices on Wilkinson Road.

We wish them the best of luck with their continuation!

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