Aurora supports Tau frá Tógó


Aurora foundation has been putting greater emphasis on supporting development projects. Newly funded projects have mainly been in Sierra Leone, but Aurora is still supporting projects elsewhere in the world.

The newest project is a support to Tau frá Tógó, an Icelandic organization that sells clothes and other goods sawed and produced in a sewing workshop, which is a part of an orphanage, run by Syster Victorine in Aného, Togo. All proceeds go back to the orphanage. Tau frá Tógó is Icelandic and means Cloth from Togo.

With the funds from Aurora, Tau frá Tógó are sending an Icelandic Fashion Designer, Elva Káradóttir, to guide students in the Sewing Workshop to saw a women´s dress. Helga Björnsson a former Fashion Designer at the fashion house Louis Féraud has designed a women’s dress and Elva will support the production of the dress, by training the students in the Sewing Workshop. Elva has substantial experience in the fashion design industry as she regularly works for the fashion houses Nina Ricci and Chanel.

The sewing workshop is the main income generating facility for the orphanage and some kind of a vocational school for the oldest kids. Tau frá Tógó has been supporting the orphanage by buying various goods they have produces and sell it in Iceland, such as children cloths and shopping bags, and the goods have received great attention.

Project like this that Aurora is supporting will give the students an important training and will augment their capabilities. The students will get a greater understanding of the whole production process, from receiving the design to supplying a fully produced dress. Further to this they will also get some experience in exporting goods, what procedures to follow etc.

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