Ideation Program Graduation!


We all have a lot of ideas right? How do we get the out of our heads and make them tangible, real?
We see it happen everyday, everyone has their own method, write it out, play it out, talk it out, act it out etc. etc. The common factor is most often feedback from someone you trust, feedback support and honest encouragment from your community ⚡️

From the 13th of March to the 4th of April we facilitated an Ideation training the Aurora Foundation Offices. The classes took place Mondays and Tuesdays from 14:00-17:00 for those 4 weeks. It was an inspiring time and the creative energy was tangible. 13 people gratuated from the program! We thank each and every participant wholeheartedly for their dedication and participation during these 4 weeks and look forward to seeing their ideas materialize.

The Aurora Impact Community is here for you. To take the next steps to help you get the idea out if your mind and into action.

Instagram: aurora.impact
Facebook: aurora.impact

Save the Children Iceland  X Aurora Foundation

Save the Children Iceland X Aurora Foundation

Protect children. The profits from key chains sold by Save The Children Iceland will go into projects with the goal of protecting children, especially against sexual harassment and violence. The key chains are made by the artists at the Lumley Beach Arts and Crafts...

Container shipment to Europe

Container shipment to Europe

On April 24th and 25th, The Aurora Foundation team worked together to pack a container bound for Europe. It required careful planning and many hands to ensure that each item met Sweet Salone's standards. With attention to detail, the container was closed on April 25th...

Sweet Salone Webshop launches in Europe!

Sweet Salone Webshop launches in Europe!

Making a Difference with Handmade Sierra Leonean Home Decor The Sweet Salone Webshop is an online platform that offers 100% handmade Sierra Leonean home decor products to customers around the world. This new venture is not only an excellent...