Aurora + Mengi


We are happy to announce that we have extended our contract with the Icelandic music venue MENGI. The space is collectively run by artists. They have done incredible work, nourishing the Icelandic music scene and especially focusing on young artists taking their first steps. They received an Honorary Award from the Nordic Composers Council last October for their work contribution to the music scene for the past 10 years! Creative spaces like MENGI are extremely important to keep empowering arts and culture.
“In Icelandic, the word mengi signifies a collection of well-defined and distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right.”
The Journey of  Sia-Ann Marie Yajah and Indulge

The Journey of Sia-Ann Marie Yajah and Indulge

Indulge is a vibrant and health-conscious company dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious beverages to our customers. The company was established in 2021. Sia's passion for health and wellness drives everything she does. She believes in the transformative...