The Impact Assessment for the Sweet Salone project in 2021 is out!


For the third year in a row, Aurora has carried out an impact assessment on the impact of the Sweet Salone project on the Sierra Leonean artisans involved.

In general, the impact assessment gives you a snapshot of the economic situation of the Sierra Leonean artisans. It shows the growth of production each year and some testimonials for the artisans that are involved.

We are happy to point out that production in 2021 grew by 983% from the previous year! Yes, this is not a spelling mistake, it is almost a one thousand percent increase in production! Over the last couple of years, we have also steadily been increasing the number of artisans directly involved in our Sweet Salnoe project, in 2019, they were 31, and up to 44 last year.

We are incredibly proud to see the increased production’s direct impact, which translates to increased income for the artisans, is having. Despite having more artisans on board, the income per artisan has increased substantially, resulting in a significant increase in the proportion of artisans that can save part of their income received under the Sweet Salone project. For us, this is paramount.

We are also very proud that the gender ratio is improving. In 2021 40% of artisans were women, compared to 30% in 2019. Our focus on youth has also paid off, with the proportion of the artisans below the age of 40% growing from 60 to 70%.

Please visit the link here to see the data and read the testimonials.

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