Newest addition to the Aurora Foundation Store – books by Sierra Leonean authors!


We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Aurora Foundation Store – books by Sierra Leonean authors! We believe in the power of stories, and these new arrivals offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant narratives of this beautiful nation. Our commitment to fostering and celebrating Sierra Leonean culture extends to every corner of the Aurora Foundation, and we invite you to join us in this literary journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our offerings, sharing the diverse flavors, colors, and stories that make Sierra Leone a cultural gem. To celebrate this change at Aurora Foundation we hosted an authors event Featuring Maria Bradford’ introducing her book: “Sweet Salone,” a culinary journey through Sierra Leone and the Best Selling Author Ishmael Beah, who is known around the world for his captivating works. It was truly an inspiring and energizing event.

📚 Meeting the Creative Minds Behind the Stories 🖋️
This was a unique opportunity to engage directly with the authors. Attendees had the chance to converse with Maria Bradford and Ishmael Beah, gaining insights into their literary endeavors. Many left with signed copies of the authors’ works, transforming the event into a personalized experience.

🎉 A Night to Remember: Celebrating Sierra Leonean Culture 🎉

The event was a powerful celebration of Sierra Leonean culture. The fusion of artisanal home goods and written word allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the vivid flavors, vibrant colors, and captivating stories that make our nation truly unique. The evening’s crescendo came with a powerful message from both guests, calling for the creation of spaces where young minds can imagine, create, and pen the enduring stories of Sierra Leone. Beah stressed the importance of reviving the culture of storytelling, for these stories define who we are and transcend generations. Maria Bradford urged all Sierra Leoneans to embrace their culinary heritage, encouraging everyone to explore, cook, and savor the recipes from “Sweet Salone.” The evening reached its literary climax with book sales featuring Ishmael Beah’s “Radiance of Tomorrow” and “Little Family,” alongside Maria Bradford’s “Sweet Salone: Recipes from the Heart of Sierra Leone.”

We continue our mission to support cultural, social, and educational projects, this event stands as an example of our commitment to enriching the cultural tapestry of Sierra Leone. We look forward to creating more such moments that celebrate the richness of Sierra Leone and the depth of its cultural heritage. Stay tuned for further updates on our journey as we continue to empower and celebrate the heart and soul of Sierra Leone.

Check out Maria Bradford here: 
Check out Ishmael Beah here: Ishmael Beah
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