Aurora donates 4 hospital beds to Brama Community Hospital


On behalf of Akureyri Hospital, Aurora Foundation recently donated 4 hospital beds to the Brama Community Hospital, located on the Waterloo-Maisaka Highway, about 90 minutes drive from Freetown. The Brama Community Hospital is a small community run hospital in the village of Brama Town, where Aurora works with around 30 bamboo cane weavers under the Sweet Salone project. There is only one doctor but several nurses, and they try to serve the community the best they can. They were extremely thankful for the donation. With the hospital half empty of furniture, the hospital beds were greatly appreciated. Their capacity to treat patients was more than the few beds they had previously suggested, which often resulted  in patients needing to wait due to lack of beds.
The Chief of Brama Town, together with the Head Man, The doctor, and the leading nurse thanked Aurora Foundation, The Akureyri Hospital, and SAMSKIP for the generous contribution.

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