Second Container this year shipping to Europe!


Sweet Salone’s Fifth Container Shipment: A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Over the past few years, Sweet Salone, a flagship project of the Aurora Foundation, has embarked on a journey of growth and collaboration. Now, as Sweet Salone prepares to ship its fifth container on September 19, 2023, the journey comes full circle. This time, it’s not just about expanding the project’s reach; it’s also about forging new partnerships. The collaboration between Farmers Market Iceland and Sweet Salone has given birth to a unique product; we will show it to you very soon, showcasing the fusion of Icelandic and Sierra Leonean creativity.

Sweet Salone’s journey began with its first container shipment on February 20, 2021. This milestone marked the initiation of an ambitious project that aimed to support Sierra Leonean artisans, enhance employment opportunities, and promote the growth of individuals and communities. It was a testament to Aurora’s commitment to Sierra Leonean export and the uplifting of local craftsmanship.

Building on this success, Sweet Salone sent out its second container on December 1-12, 2021. The expanded reach of this shipment, now reaching Reykjavík, Rotterdam, and London, signified the project’s growing influence and global aspirations. Sweet Salone was no longer confined to a single location; it was expanding its horizons.

July 22, 2022, marked another significant step forward, as a container set sail for the Netherlands and Iceland. The reception of Sweet Salone’s handmade products in the European market was heartening, affirming the project’s dedication to connecting worlds through Sierra Leone’s creativity and beauty.

In April 2023, Sweet Salone was ready for its fourth container shipment, with meticulous planning and teamwork ensuring that each product met the project’s exacting standards. The container was sealed on April 25th, and anticipation grew as it made its way to Europe, where it would be accessible through the webshop at Sweet Salone’s reach continued to expand, with a sales manager in the Netherlands eagerly awaiting the container’s arrival.

Sweet Salone’s fifth container shipment is a testament to the project’s dedication to empowering artisans, fostering employment, and showcasing the artistry of Sierra Leone on a global stage. It’s a journey of growth, collaboration, and the celebration of creativity that continues to enrich the lives of individuals and communities in Sierra Leone and beyond. We package all our products using donated cardboard boxes from the US embassy.

Fatmata quality inspecting for container shipment from sierra leone to the netherlands


Container shipment to Europe

A new shipment of Sweet Salone products is coming to Europe! 

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