Two week ICT trainings with BYTE limited


The ICT trainings held in April (10th to 21st) consisted of two separate trainings: one in the morning for intermediate ICT skills and one more in the afternoons for web development. Both trainings were facilitated by Byte Limited.

The intermediate training aimed to enhance the skills of participants in Excel, Google Drive, and advanced Word usage. This training catered to young people who already had a basic understanding of these tools and aimed to provide them with more advanced knowledge and techniques. The web development training focused on introducing participants to the field of web development and teaching them how to create websites using templates, including platforms like WordPress. This training aimed to provide a foundation in web development skills for beginners. Overall, both trainings had a total of 35 participants. We are proud to note that the majority of the participants were female and hope to see the students return for future ICT-related trainings, building on their existing knowledge and skills.

*Cover photo of this article is sourced from the Facebook Page of Byte Limited SL

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