Kraumur presents its 8th annual music awards


The artists awarded with the annual Kraumur music awards for the year 2015, are: Dj flugvél og geimskip for their third album Nótt á hafsbotni, Mr. Silla for Mr. Silla, Asdfhg for their debut album Steingervingur, Misþyrming for Söngvar elds og óreiðu, Teitur Magnússon for his first solo album 27, and Tonik Ensemble for their first album Snapshots.

The main goal of Kraumur Fund is to support Icelandic music, particularly new and up-and-coming talents. Annually it releases its list of the 20 best Icelandic albums of the year, selected by a committee of sixteen experts of Icelandic music. Six of these albums are subsequently awarded the Kraumur music award.

Since 2008, close to 50 albums have been awarded the Kraumur awards. This year’s Kraumur list of 21 Icelandic albums nominated for the awards, were chosen from nearly 200 albums released during the year.