A remarkable 3 day acting workshop


Greetings, theater enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to share the exciting highlights from the recent 3-day acting workshop that concluded with immense energy and applause. The workshop, hosted by the dynamic Elva Maria Birgisdottir, one of the distinguished visitors from Iceland, was a whirlwind of creativity and passion.

For the past four weeks, Freetown, Sierra Leone, has been a melting pot of cultural exchange and artistic exploration, thanks to the talented group of Icelandic visitors. The 3-day acting workshop marked the grand finale of their enriching stay.

The workshop was a burst of youthful enthusiasm, with vibrant participants eagerly soaking in the wisdom and techniques shared by Elva Maria. From intense character development sessions to improvisation exercises, every moment was a celebration of the art of acting.

As the participants honed their skills, they formed a close-knit community, fostering connections that transcended borders. The camaraderie reached its peak on the final day with a captivating showcase,As we bid farewell to our Icelandic friends, we express our gratitude for sharing their expertise and leaving an indelible mark on the local acting community. Until the next cultural rendezvous, let the spirit of creativity continue to shine bright!

Stay tuned for more artistic adventures!