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Habib Turay: Transforming Agri-business at Country Farm
In the heart of Gbomore Town, nestled within the Njaluahun Chiefdom in Kailahun District, Sierra Leone, a burgeoning agri-business venture is making remarkable strides. Led by the visionary Habib Turay, Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited specializes in commercial pig rearing and pork production. The demand for quality pork often surpasses the supply. In 2020, a staggering 73% of the pork consumed in the country was imported. Habib Turay recognized this supply-demand gap and saw an opportunity to make a difference. With a strong work ethic, strategic planning, and an unwavering commitment to growth, Habib is not only expanding his business but also contributing to the local agricultural landscape.

Entrepreneurial Prowess
Habib registered his enterprise under the name Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited.” With two staff members and a manager, he set out to change the pork farming narrative. Unlike traditional subsistence farming, Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited focuses on commercial contract pig farming, employing modern methods to boost production.

Diverse Livestock Farming and Commercial Pig Rearing
Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited is dedicated to commercial contract pig farming. Habib starts with piglets, which he provides to local farmers for fattening. Once fully grown, these pigs are processed into fresh pork and made available to the market. Habib has constructed a robust infrastructure capable of accommodating up to 200 pigs. As of August 2023, the farm boasts a population of 109 pigs, with ambitious plans to increase production significantly by 2030.

Product Readiness and Expansion
The road to success for Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited has been marked by careful planning and milestones, with a newly roofed pen and a burgeoning population of 100 pigs. Some piglets are entrusted to other farmers for rearing through sub-contracts, while Habib personally tends to the rest. This strategy ensures a steady pork supply to meet market demands.

Regulatory Compliance and Entrepreneurial Dedication
Despite being in the early stages, Habib’s unwavering commitment to professionalism and compliance is evident. As an entrepreneur, Habib believes that success is a journey, not an overnight achievement. He chose a patient approach, delaying sales until he had a substantial stock of pigs to ensure a consistent supply.

Local Resources and Demand
Sierra Leone’s favorable climatic conditions, abundant local resources, and high demand for pork have set the stage for success. Feeds like Palm Kernel Cake, cassava, and beans are readily available, often at affordable prices. Rice bran, a by-product of rice milling, is easily accessible. Fish remains, another essential component of pig feed, are procured locally. This method of providing feed for his pigs ensures that the farms practices have a minimal environmental impact, adhere to the methodology of zero waste, and position his farm in the realms of circular economy business approaches.

Goals and Objectives
The project has clear objectives. It aims to increase the farm’s revenue for sustainable expansion, strengthen the pig value chain in Sierra Leone, and provide gainful employment to the local community. Additionally, it addresses the growing demand for pork, enhancing food production and security in the country.

Business Development and Future Prospects

Habib Turay’s journey with Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurship and agricultural innovation. By focusing on strategic expansion, regulatory compliance, and diligent financial management, he is making substantial strides in the agri-business sector. His commitment to growth and dedication to providing quality products are steering Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited toward a promising future. Habib Turay remains a dedicated member of the Aurora Impact community, continually seeking opportunities for growth and development. His vision and determination set a shining example for aspiring entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. As the project progresses, it promises to increase food security, stimulate the national economy, and create jobs. Moreover, it encourages others to embrace commercial pig farming in Sierra Leone. With a comprehensive approach to rearing and processing pigs, Habib Turay’s Sierra Pork Sierra Leone Limited is poised to become a beacon of hope for the nation’s growing demand for quality pork.

In Habib Turay, Sierra Leone has found an entrepreneur who’s not just raising pigs but also raising the bar for the entire agricultural industry. His commitment, innovation, and dedication to local pork production are making a significant impact, one piglet at a time.


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