The Kraumur List – The Élite List 2011


Twenty albums have been selected to be on the Élite List of the Kraumur List 2011 and the selection committee then selects 5-6 prize albums for the Kraumur List.

The objective of the Kraumur List is to promote and support the release of musical albums of Icelandic bands and artists with a focus on the younger generation. To award and promote music albums which are exceptional in quality, ambition and originality.

Prize Albums – Nominations and Choice

The Kraumur List 2011 awarding procedure started with the selection committee, which consists of six people, selecting 20 albums for the Élite List of the Kraumur List. Then a selection committee consisting of 20 people selects the best 5 to 6 albums to become the prize albums.

The selection committee of the Kraumur award consists of 20 people who all are highly experienced in listening to and introducing Icelandic music in various media. The chairman of the selection committee is Árni Matthíasson.

The Élite committee consists of the following people besides Árni Matthíasson: Andrea Jónsdóttir, Trausti Júlíusson, Egill Harðarson, Helena Þrastardóttir and Hildur Maral Hamíðsdóttir.

The Kraumur Élite List 2011:


Anna Þorvalds – Rhízoma

Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason – SÓLARIS

Dead Skeletons – Dead Magick

FM Belfast – Don’t want to sleep

For a Minor Reflection – EP

Helgi Hrafn Jónsson – Big Spring

Hljómsveitin Ég – Ímynd Fíflsins

Lay Low – Brostinn Strengur

Nolo – Nology

Of Monsters and Men – My Head is an Animal

Ofvitarnir – Stephen Hawking/Steven Tyler

Ragga Gröndal – Astrocat Lullaby

Reykjavík! – Locust Sounds

Samaris – Hljóma Þú (ep)

Sin Fang – Summer Echoes

Skurken – Gilsbakki

Snorri Helga – Winter Sun

Sóley – We Sink

Sólstafir – Svartir Sandar

The Élite List will be announced on Friday 16 December – More information later


The Kraumur List – Acknowledgements and prizes

The Kraumur List which was initially in 2008 called the Kraumur Awards has as a main objective to support and promote all the albums that the selection committee selects for the Kraumur List, rather than only one particular album. Now a selection committee of six people has completed its job and selected 20 albums for the Kraumur List and then a larger selection committee selects from these 20 albums the best albums of the year.

The Kraumur List is sponsored by Kraumur Music Fund which is an independent sub-fund of the Aurora Fund. Kraumur has the main objective of promoting Icelandic music, mainly by supporting young musicians, to help them do their artistic work and promote it in Iceland as well as internationally.

The organisers of the Kraumur List hope that the award will be reinforcement for Icelandic artists and the release of Icelandic records and that it will promote even further the growth and variety that is characteristic for Icelandic music. The timing of the nominations and the Kraumur Award is planned to take place in connection with the Christmas shopping, on which artists rely for selling their work in the hope of increasing the number of Icelandic albums that are bought to give as Christmas gifts.

Kraumur will emphasise supporting all the artists that are selected for the Kraumur List, rather than focusing only on the prize album. The award ceremony is kept at low-key and the focus is rather on more support of the albums.

The Fund will support the albums on the Kraumur List and also assist in increasing the artists’ opportunities to promote their work internationally by buying a certain number of copies of the albums and distribute them to various professionals in the international music business (music festivals, recording studios, agencies etc.).

The objective of Kraumur List

To introduce and promote Icelandic music, especially the release of music by young artists and bands.

To award and promote original and interesting Icelandic music albums released each year.

To award and promote music albums which are exceptional in quality, ambition and originality.

The award has no age limit but the aim is to focus on the younger generation of Icelandic musicians and bands.

The policy of the Kraumur List is to focus on all the titles selected by the selection committee, rather than only one prize album.

The award is not linked to any particular musical genre and there are no subcategories.


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