Deloitte Iceland supports Aurora’s projects


Aurora has had a good and successful cooperation with Deloitte Iceland over the past years. Deloitte Iceland has taken care of Aurora’s auditing and its Financial Reports as well as for the two daughter funds of Aurora, Kraumur The Music Fund and The Aurora Design Fund.

At Aurora´s recent Annual meeting Deloitte´s auditors announced to the Board of Aurora Foundation that all work related to the Financial Report for 2016 and all future auditing would be done Pro-Bono as a contribution to the great work that Aurora Foundation is undertaking. But Aurora has contributed over 7,5 million USD to projects both in Iceland and abroad, mainly in Africa, since it was created 10 years ago.

The Board of Aurora hereby wants to thank the Board of Deloitte Iceland for their generous support to Aurora´s projects in the future and is looking forward to a continous successful coperation.

Second Container this year shipping to Europe!

Second Container this year shipping to Europe!

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