Aurora + Save the Children


Extended contract with Save the Children! We are very happy to announce that the artisans at 

Lumley market, Freetown – Sierra Leone have started working on their second batch of bracelets for Save the 

Children, last year they made 10,000 and this year they are making 12,000. In addition to the bracelet production, 10,000 key chains will be produced! We are over the moon happy with this continued collaboration.

With this partnership the artists at Lumley market manage to make a good living and we are extremely grateful to be able to connect Save the Children with Lumley market and their wonderful work.


About Save the Children:

„Around the world, too many children start life at a disadvantage

simply because of who they are and where they come from. Millions of children are dying from preventable causes, face poverty, violence, disease and hunger. They are caught up in war zones and disasters they did nothing to create. And they are denied an education and other basic rights owed to them. All children deserve better. We champion the rights and interests of children worldwide, putting the most vulnerable children first.“(Save the Children, 2022). If you would like to read more about Save the Children click here.


Second Container this year shipping to Europe!

Second Container this year shipping to Europe!

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