Fashion design course in collaboration with Iceland University of the Arts


From the 9th – 17th of January 2020 Aurora Foundation is organising a fashion design course in cooperation with Listaháskóli íslands, the Iceland University of the Arts.
The focus of this course will be on creativity and sustainability, and the students will be solely using recycled materials to develop a new product. The participants are stimulated to think out of the box, to add these new and creative ways of thinking to their work processes and to think about ways they can display and market their products.
As one of the goals is to stimulate creative thinking, we have chosen to handle the applications for this course a little differently. People can compete for a spot in the course by designing a top or shirt inspired by someone they look up to, which can only be made from recycled garment or textile. The deadline for applications is set on the 15th of of November, and we are very excited to see which designs will be sent in!
The Journey of  Sia-Ann Marie Yajah and Indulge

The Journey of Sia-Ann Marie Yajah and Indulge

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