Digital Skills Trainings


This week we hosted two digital skills training in our offices in Freetown. The atmosphere was vibrant, and there was a notable thirst for knowledge, precisely the way we like it. The training focused on digital skills to grow a business, such as digital marketing, social media training, and digital tools to organize your finances.


The first day focused on the vast availability of social media platforms there are out there, who they are and how to use them for your business.Facilitated by Ajara Marie , founder of Women Mean Business, a social entrepreneur who is cultivating communities for female led businesses in Africa and is specialized in marketing and communications. She focused on the importance of choosing the appropriate platform for your target market in mind. F.x using TikTok to reach people aged 50+ will not prove successful, however, if your target market is people aged 15-30 years old, TikTok is the place to put efforts into.

The second day focused on online communication skills facilitated by Suzanne Regterschot, the tone of voice your company decides to use in their online communications and the importance of being consistant with the tone chosen. The second half of the day was dedicated to digital tools to use for your business that can make the entrepreneurial life easier and more efficiant, providing overview of everything from tasks, data and finances. Facilitated by Kharifa Abdulai Kumara .

Some key takeaways are:

  • Research the behaviour of your tar
    get market
  • Set a clear communication strategy
  • Utilize the digital tools out there to make your business thrive
  • What gets measured gets improved


The training was provided in cooperation with Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project, The World Bank and SMEDA (the Small and Medium Economic Development Agency of Sierra Leone). We thank them wholeheartedly.


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