Last week’s Inspirational Tok


Last Thursday, we hosted our first Inspirational Tok, and wow – we are already excited for the next one! With two speakers that definitely accomplished what this event was all about – to inspire – and an engaged audience, it won’t be easy to surpass the impressions Thursday night has left us with.

Both Ajara and Ishmael spoke about their life, experiences and how they got to the point where they are today – both successful and accomplished in industries that are not a given.

And some of the key learnings from yesterday? You can expect resistance from others, and you will get discouraged at some point(s) when following your passion and your heart, but that is part of your journey. It is often told what success should look like, but that does not mean there are no other ways, as both have experienced.

One of Ishmael’s life lessons was to surround himself with people that build on his ideas, understand his passion and are willing to listen. Ajara also emphasized the importance of getting a mentor, collaboration and creating a network.

And always important to keep in mind – you will not yield your efforts overnight. It might sometimes be unclear what the way is to a certain point or goal, but the process is part of the journey. Follow your passion, learn from your experiences, reflect on them and ask critical questions. It is by sharing these stories that we are challenging the status quo.

POP UP market in Iceland 9.-11th of DECEMBER

POP UP market in Iceland 9.-11th of DECEMBER

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Grassroot Gender Empowerment Movement and Aurora Foundation

Grassroot Gender Empowerment Movement and Aurora Foundation

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