Aurora Impact Start Up Program Cohort 5 – Class of 2023; Cultivating Change-Makers and Shaping Futures


Aurora Impact Startup Program: Cultivating Change-Makers and Shaping Futures
The Aurora Impact Startup Program transcends its mere designation as a program; it is a dynamic community of visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to catalyzing positive global transformation. Beyond its role as a platform for growth, it embodies a nexus for networking, learning, and impactful progress.

A Vanguard of Change: Cohort 5
The essence of the Aurora Impact Startup Program emanates from Cohort 5 – a collection of entrepreneurs marked by diversity and innovation. Originating from various sectors and backgrounds, these individuals share a collective aspiration: to enact profound change within their localities and far-reaching spheres. Their journey resonates with the fundamental ethos of the program, wherein unified efforts lead to tangible, enduring change.

Empowering Visions since 2016
The inception of the Aurora Foundation dates back to 2016, when its establishment in Sierra Leone marked the genesis of a potent youth-driven movement. The essence of Aurora’s initiatives lies in nurturing young minds to become architects of their own destinies. Over time, Aurora’s footprint has grown, fostering more than 45 startups and equipping over 600 young talents with invaluable training to propel their careers and expand their horizons. This journey culminated in the creation of an innovation hub, now identified as Aurora Impact. The hub’s evolution over the past three to four years has distinguished it as an autonomous entity within the Aurora Foundation.

A Vision of Enrichment
At its core, the Aurora Foundation is driven by a profound vision – a world where the creative genius of the human mind is nurtured and cultivated. This vision radiates outward, promising an enhanced quality of life for all, underscored by positive transformation, growth, and empowerment.

Celebrating Progress through Social Channels
For those desiring deeper insights into the exploits of this year’s Aurora Impact entrepreneurs, the narrative unfolds on social media platforms. Aurora Impact’s Facebook and Instagram pages provide an exclusive window into these pioneers’ narratives, aspirations, and strides. Here, an unfolding saga of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of a brighter future takes center stage.The Aurora Impact Startup Program emerges as a beacon of hope and progress in a world yearning for metamorphosis. With each successive Cohort, endeavor, and entrepreneur it carries forth a legacy of empowerment and change. As Cohort 5 assumes its pivotal role, we stand poised to witness the birth of fresh ideas, strategic alliances, and endeavors poised to shape our world’s trajectory in profound ways.

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