Celebrating Cohort 5 of the Aurora Impact Startup Program


These past five months have been inspirational, to say the least. We are immensely grateful for the time spent with each member of Cohort 5 of the Aurora Impact Startup Program. Working with this group of talented and driven entrepreneurs has been an absolute pleasure.

We remember the first day when we still did not know each other or what to expect. You could sense the thirst for knowledge and growth in each person. We have witnessed these entrepreneurs’ incredible progress and transformation throughout the program.

The Aurora Impact Startup Program is an initiative of the Aurora Foundation, a private non-profit organization. The program aims to support early-stage startups and provide them with the tools and resources to succeed. Cohort 5 is the latest group of entrepreneurs to benefit from this program.

The 5-month in-house program may be over, and our Cohort members have been equipped with a great variety of practical tools and knowledge, but now it is time for mentorship and action. Each member has been paired with a suitable mentor to facilitate and advise on the next steps. This is a crucial (and exciting, complicated, and challenging) time for our Cohort members to take concrete action.

The Aurora Impact Startup Program is not just a program but a community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. The program provides a platform for networking, learning, and growth. In addition to the in-house program, Aurora Impact also offers workshops, webinars, and networking events for its community members.

Cohort 5 of the Aurora Impact Startup Program is a diverse group of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solutions. They come from different backgrounds and industries, but all share a common goal: to create positive change in their communities and beyond. We are confident that these entrepreneurs will achieve great things and significantly impact in the world.

In conclusion, we congratulate Cohort 5 of the Aurora Impact Startup Program from the bottom of our hearts and thank them for their knowledge shared and time spent with us. We also extend our gratitude to every teacher, mentor, staff, and lecturer for their dedication and commitment to supporting early-stage startups. We look forward to seeing the impact that these entrepreneurs will have on the world.

Entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone at the Aurora foundation Office

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