Sew Lovely Fashion Show – Fatima from Cohort1!


The Sew Lovely Online Boutique, a registered fashion brand in Sierra Leone, held a grand event to launch their online boutique at The Cabenda Hotel in Freetown on the 25th of November 2022. The founder, Fatima Sesay, is one of the first entrepreneurs that attended Aurora’s StartUP programme in 2019.

The event was a fashion show that showcased the brand’s unique blend of Sierra Leonean heritage and modern fashion. The launch event was divided into four categories: Fashion Runway, Project Talk, Fundraising, and Exhibition. The fashion show included a captivating runway presentation, where models showcased the latest designs from Sew Lovely Online Boutique. The designs incorporated elements of Sierra Leonean heritage, highlighting the rich cultural traditions in modern and stylish garments. During the event, there was a dedicated segment called “Project Talk,” where the founder, Fatima Sesay, discussed the brand’s initiatives and goals. She shared information about their efforts to empower girls and young women through skills training programs. Additionally, she introduced their Uniform Rollout Project, which aimed to provide school uniforms to average schools in the province. The launch event also served as a fundraising platform. All the proceeds gathered from the event were dedicated to supporting the empowerment of girls and young women through skills training. The funds would also contribute to the Uniform Rollout Project, ensuring that more students in average schools have access to proper school uniforms. In addition to the above, an exhibition was held to display the designs and products available at the Sew Lovely Online Boutique. Attendees had the opportunity to explore and purchase the showcased items, supporting the brand’s business venture. 

The Sew Lovely Fashion Show – Launch of Sew Lovely Online Boutique aimed to not only showcase the brand’s fashion designs but also create a positive impact by supporting girls and young women through skills training programs. For these reasons, Aurora Foundation was happy to support this event, providing a platform for attendees to enjoy a fashion event while contributing to a noble cause.

Pictures from the event are taken from @sewlovelysl Instagram account – we highly recommend you follow them

Fatima Sesey the Founder of SewLovely and a friend

Aurora Foundation staff and Fatima

Models wearing SewLovely design

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