Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Funds Transformational Entrepreneurship Project in Sierra Leone


In a significant stride towards nurturing and bolstering Sierra Leone’s burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape, the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended its support to a groundbreaking project aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs across the nation. This funding, provided to the Aurora Foundation, is set to trigger a profound shift in the perception of entrepreneurship as a viable career choice, while also offering tailored support to those seeking to accelerate their businesses.

Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship
The primary goal of the project is crystal clear: to equip at least 250 young entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on gender diversity (aiming for at least 60% women), with the tools and knowledge necessary to formalize their businesses and foster a lasting change in their outlook towards entrepreneurship. With a special focus on bridging the gap between existing entrepreneurship support initiatives and the technical assistance required to attract investors, this project is poised to create a sustainable and impactful change in Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A Tailored Approach to Transformative Growth
Aurora Foundation, in partnership with the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will roll out a meticulously crafted program to empower these young entrepreneurs. The initiative envisions a series of short courses designed to impart entrepreneurial skills that promote inclusive and sustainable business models. Furthermore, a selected group of 15 entrepreneurs who have previously undergone Business Development Support (BDS) training but are grappling with funding challenges will receive specialized support over a dedicated four-month period.

Cultivating Transformation in Entrepreneurial Attitudes
The ultimate outcome envisaged by this project is to enhance entrepreneurship capacity and promote productive business growth among Sierra Leone’s youth. By equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary for business success, this initiative seeks to foster inclusive and sustainable business models, making a tangible impact on the country’s economic landscape.

Unlocking Opportunities: The Main Outcome
Central to the project’s success is the aspiration to have 250 aspiring and operational entrepreneurs participate in short training courses that delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurship. As a testament to its commitment to fostering growth, the project aims to usher in transformative change for 15 entrepreneurs by providing them with a four-month business growth program. Furthermore, two female youth will be offered the invaluable opportunity to complete a four-month internship at the Aurora Foundation, further enriching their entrepreneurial journey.

Monumental Support for Sustainable Change
Receiving funding from the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs signifies more than just financial support – it represents a monumental leap toward creating sustainable and impactful change within Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurial sector. With an acute focus on gender parity, skill enhancement, and altering perceptions, this partnership between Aurora Foundation and the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs stands to galvanize a thriving entrepreneurial culture in Sierra Leone.

In a country grappling with economic challenges, the injection of support from a global partner is a testament to the potential and promise that the Sierra Leonean entrepreneurial landscape holds. The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ funding resonates as a clarion call for progress, heralding a new era where entrepreneurship isn’t just an aspiration but a tangible path to empowerment and prosperity.

As the project unfolds and young entrepreneurs embark on their journey to sustainable success, the impact of this partnership will reverberate far beyond its initial stages. Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurial future shines brighter, and the foundation for a thriving and dynamic economy takes root, nurtured by the visionary support of the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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