Kraumur Music Fund

2008 – 2017
USD 1,170,000

Established in the beginning of 2008, the Kraumur Music Fund was as an experimental project for three years. Aimed at strengthening the Icelandic music industry young, emerging musicians were supported in the realm of performance and presentation by means of direct grants, professional assistance and through various forms of cooperation.

Kraumur’s activities flourished thanks to great enthusiasm from those within the music industry. The Fund sponsored about 100 musicians, bands and various music projects, concerts and tours in Iceland and abroad, assisted in overseas marketing and launched new musical awards under the Kraumur name.

As manager, Eldar Ástþórsson successfully initiated and formalised Kraumur funded activities for the first three years. Jóhann Ágúst Jóhannsson succeeded him as manager until 2014. While structural changes were underway between 2014 and 2015, the board and its chair, Auður Einarsdóttir, were in charge. In 2015 Eldar Ástþórsson, a board member since 2011, took over as chair of the board.

The Fund was closed down in 2016. However, one of its main projects, the Kraumur Award, continues today and is hosted by the Aurora Foundation and managed by Eldar Ástþórsson.

Further information about the Kraumur Music Fund can be found on its website