KRAUMUR Music Awards

2016 -


Aurora´s Annual Music Awards.

Kraumur Music Awards was established to introduce and support music releases of Icelandic musicians by giving awards and acknowledging the music that is thought to have excelled during the year in quality, ambition, and originality. Special attention is given to new and emerging talent.

The Music Awards were first awarded in 2008 and have been awarded annually ever since. Each year a list of 20 albums is released, called the Kraumur list, of which 6 receive the Kraumur Music Awards.

The awards are not focusing on any one record but instead expected to cast the light on the whole list – the Kraums list in total and, in particular, the six records that get the awards each year.

All types of music are considered for the shortlist, and there are no categories. All types of releases are considered, whether it is vinyl, cd, or only online. Musicians do not need to apply to be considered, and there is no fee involved. The only thing they need to do is release their music in one way or another.

The Kraums list is normally announced on the 1st of December, the official day of Icelandic Music.

Originally it was the Music Fund Kraumur that was behind the Music Awards, a Fund was established and run by Aurora foundation. Since that fund was officially closed in 2016, Aurora has been executing the Awards.

A list of all of those musicians who have been on the Kraumur list and those who have received the Awards from their initiation back in 2008 can be found on the Kraumur website.