Kraumur Music Series – Aurora Music


The culmination of the Kraumur Music Series marks a significant moment as we bid farewell to another remarkable chapter at Mengi. This dynamic series showcased the exceptional talents and accomplishments of the distinguished victors and nominees who shone at the Kraumur Music Awards in December 2022.

With an unbroken tradition spanning 15 years, this year’s announcement of the awards stands as a testament to our enduring commitment. The Kraumur music fund, a brainchild of the Aurora Foundation in 2008, stands unwavering in its mission to bolster the Icelandic music landscape and nurture burgeoning artists, with a distinct focus on emerging innovators. Operating seamlessly across local and global spheres, the fund harmonizes its efforts with various entities within Iceland’s vibrant music realm.

The Kraumur Music Series materializes as a jubilant continuation, a reverberation of applause and recognition for the outstanding endeavors and triumphs of the lauded nominees and victors. This celebration materializes at Mengi, a crucible of creativity and collaboration, where the Aurora Foundation finds an artistic partnership. Nestled in the heart of Reykjavík, Mengi emerges as a haven conceived and curated by local artists. It pulsates with an array of artistic events, amplifies the resonances of the nation’s boldest musicians, and stands as a bastion housing artistry and melodic chronicles in its art and record emporium.

As the rhythm lingers on, a curated Spotify playlist orchestrates a harmonious ensemble of compositions from the esteemed nominees vying for the Kraumur Music Award. Immerse yourself in the diverse auditory tapestry that has captivated enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. To further join in the symphony of Mengi, explore their vibrant presence on Facebook.