From Intern to Staff: The Inspiring Journey of Fatmata Barrie


Imagine finding your path to success through the intersection of opportunity, determination, and the right support. Meet Fatmata Barrie, a shining example of how an internship can be transformative. Her journey, supported by Afriqia HR Solutions, who linked her up with us, speaks volumes about the power of internships in Sierra Leone.

Discovering a World of Possibilities: Fatmata’s journey began with a simple scroll through social media and a WhatsApp group notification. „I found out about Afriqia HR Solutions through social media, particularly WhatsApp groups,“ she shares. This chance connection set the stage for her remarkable journey from connecting with Afriqia to being linked up with Aurora Foundation as an intern and then later staff.

A Journey of Collaboration and Growth: The hiring process with Afriqia HR Solutions wasn’t just about landing a role; it was a journey of partnership. Fatmata describes it as „professional and very interactive.“ It was a doorway to her dreams, opening up opportunities that aligned perfectly with her aspirations.

A Platform for Learning and Excellence: Fatmata’s internship experience was nothing short of transformative. „I will say it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had so far,“ she says with a smile. At Aurora Foundation, learning wasn’t just a task—it was a way of life. From top management to fellow colleagues, everyone was eager to guide and mentor her.

Advice from Fatmata: For young minds seeking internships, Fatmata has some golden advice: „Internships are your launchpad into the real world.“ She emphasizes that internships provide a unique chance to learn, adapt, and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. „Focus on building skills and knowledge,“ she urges, „and the future will reward you.“

Transitioning from Intern to Staff: Fatmata’s dedication and hard work during her internship paid off. Her commitment to her tasks, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for learning, led to her employment as a staff member within two months of her internship. „I was employed as staff, which makes me more serious in my work,“ she proudly shares. Her story is a testament to the immense value of hard work and dedication.

A Message of Encouragement: Fatmata’s journey carries a message of hope and inspiration for young people searching for internships. She advises aspiring interns to approach their roles with responsibility and dedication and instead of focusing solely on financial gains, they should concentrate on building a strong work ethic and acquiring knowledge that will pave the way for a brighter future.


Fatmata’s story showcases the transformative power of internships. It’s a tale of seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and shaping one’s own destiny. Through the collaborative efforts of organizations like Afriqia HR Solutions, young talents like Fatmata are equipped with the tools they need to navigate the professional landscape of Sierra Leone, ensuring a brighter and more empowered future for the nation’s youth.



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