Tau frá Tógó

USD 4,200

Tau frá Tógó is an Icelandic organization that sells clothes and other goods sewed and produced in a Sewing Workshop, which is a part of an orphanage, run by Syster Victorine in Aného, Togo. The Sewing Workshop is the main income generating facility for the orphanage and some kind of a vocational school for the oldest kids. Tau frá Tógó is Icelandic and means Cloth from Togo.

Tau frá Tógó has been supporting the orphanage by buying various goods they have produces and sell it in Iceland, such as children cloths and shopping bags, and the goods have received great attention. All proceeds from the sale go back to the orphanage. Around third of the proceeds are used to buy more goods and thereby keeping the flow sustainable, whilst two-thirds go into an educational fund for the kids.

Since this cooperation between Tau frá Togó and the Sewing Workshop started in 2012 substantial improvements have been made in the quality of the goods, delivery times have shortened and the whole production has become more professional. Tau frá Tógó has been cooperating with known Icelandic designers to create products for the Sewing Workshop and thereby developing their skills in executing sewing products and professional workmanship. These products have trained the students at the workshop in receiving designs, following them through properly and handing over a fully produced product. In addition they have gotten experience in organizing their products in terms of flows, in buying materials, writing bills, exporting goods (what procedures to follow) etc.

Tau frá Tógó was interested in sending an Icelandic Fashion Designer, Elva Káradóttir, to guide students in the Sewing Workshop to saw a women´s dress. Helga Björnsson a former Fashion Designer at the fashion house Louis Féraud had designed a women’s dress and Elva was expected to support the production of the dress by training the students in the Sewing Workshop. Elva has substantial experience in the fashion design industry as she regularly works for the fashion houses Nina Ricci and Chanel.

Aurora supported Tau frá Tógó so they could send Elva to Togo to work with the Sewing Workshop for few days, where she guided the students in all the small details that are so important when sewing a dress, everything from how to adjust the sewing machine for the right finishing touch to choosing the right thread and everything between.