Shelter for life

USD 5,600

Leysin American School

Due to the difficult conditions in the mountain villages of Nepal, only about 50% of the children live to the age of one and the average life expectancy is 36. Respiratory disease is the main cause of the high death rate. Shelters for Life is a project designed to make homes more environmentally friendly by providing solar energy and smokeless stoves. The goal is for every home in the Mugu region of Nepal to have cleaner air and better access to light. Furthermore, as smokeless stoves and solar energy can reduce the use of firewood by 65%, this project reduces the rapid depletion rate of the Himalayan forests.

Under the direction of Lou Felo, of the aid organisation Beyond Tears Worldwide, selected students and employees of the Leysin American School in Switzerland have made annual pilgrimages to the Mugu region in Nepal to make this project a reality.

Aurora Foundation’s grant helped to bring a group of students to the village of Jhamphay in the Mugu region where they installed 36 solar panels.