Kraftur – a support group for young people that have been diagnosed with cancer

USD 25,000

Kraftur is a non-profit foundation supporting young people (aged 18-40) who have been diagnosed with cancer along with their families. The support takes various forms such as providing financial or social support or providing information about the rights of the young people. is an information organization that aims to provide comprehensive information concerning everything related to the Icelandic Horse; both in Iceland and abroad. Once a year they organize a well-attended horse show where raffle tickets are sold and proceeds are donated to a local charity.

In 2016, approached the Aurora Foundation to gauge interest in joining forces to supporting some local charities. Aurora decided to participate and chose to support Kraftur and another charity, Neistinn; a foundation for children with heart defects.

Aurora donated 5,000,000 ISK at the start of the event and then matched the amount that was raised by the sale of raffle tickets. In total Aurora donated 6,016,000 ISK into the fundraising pool, which was then split between the two charities.

Aurora Foundation’s contribution to Kraftur was dedicated to the memory of Einar Öder a leading rider, trainer and breeder of the Icelandic Horse who contributed greatly to the professionalism and artistry of Icelandic Horsemanship. Einar passed away in 2015.