Fish Landing Sites in Sierra Leone

USD 285,000
Sierra Leone

Four fish landing sites (in Goderich, Tombo, Shenge and Bonth) were built in 2010 by the African Development Fund (ADF) to promote the fishing industry in Sierra Leone. Despite good intentions they have been sitting idle since construction was completed, mostly due to a lack of know-how in these communities as to how to run and maintain such facilities.

Following a tender process, Aurora Foundation, together with KIMI SARL, signed a ten year Public-Private Partnership agreement (PPP) with the government of Sierra Leone with the aim of making these facilities operational. When the agreement comes to an end, the facilities will be handed back to the Government of Sierra Leone.

The project is primarily about increasing local knowledge; training staff in different fishing techniques, fish processing and marketing. Emphasis will be placed on the sustainable use of the marine resources available in these areas, whilst simultaneously increasing the value of the catch. It is expected that once the landing sites are operational, the supply of fish for the people of Sierra Leone will increase. Today, fish is one of the main sources of protein for the population. When fully operational the landing sites will employ around four hundred people.


Aurora Foundation hopes that its contribution to this pilot project will promote a stronger and healthier Sierra Leonean economy and secure access for more of the population to essential protein in the future.


Neptune, is a new company established for the purpose of making the fish landing sites operational.