Aschobi Design

USD 51,000
Sierra Leone

Adama Kai is a young clothes designer from Sierra Leone who has attracted attention for her design and spunk. She studied fashion design at Parson’s School of Design in Paris and decided to start her own fashion brand back home in Freetown. Beginning with a small design and sewing studio, she produced her first collection under the name of ASCHOBI Design and opened up a shop in the centre of Freetown.  Adama’s dream was to do for Sierra Leone what Ralph Lauren has done for the United States.

Aurora Foundation’s grant assisted Adama to draft a business plan for Aschobi Design. A contract was formed with the French consulting company Luxe Corp. to develop a business model, implementation plan and market research. Following the presentation of the business plan, Aurora Foundation signed an agreement with Elín Stefánsdóttir, the business administrator, to temporarily assist Adama in implementing and adjusting the business plan. Elín worked free of charge for Adama as her contribution to Aschobi Design.