Meet Ibrahim Papine from Cohort 5 – Aurora Impact


In the scenic districts of Kenema and Kailahun in Sierra Leone, a remarkable agricultural enterprise is making waves. Led by the visionary Ibrahim Papanie Mboma, Mamawa Muyengay Agric Business Enterprise is committed to cultivating crops, rearing livestock, and venturing into agro-processing. Through his hard work, strategic thinking, and dedication to learning, Ibrahim is driving the growth of his business and contributing to the local economy.

Farming Ventures and Livestock: Ibrahim’s agricultural activities span multiple locations (Barbu, Damawoh Road and Konabu), each serving a unique purpose. At Barbu, he cultivates cassava and tends to livestock, including sheep, goats, and rabbits. The rice farm is located on Damawoh Road, while Konabu is dedicated to cassava farming and livestock rearing. The cultivation of cassava occurs twice a year, depending on the variety, while upland and swamp areas are used for rice farming. The livestock serves as an additional source of income, offering flexibility during times of financial need.

Agro-processing and Product Demand: Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Ibrahim envisions expanding his business into agro-processing. He recognizes the potential value in utilizing every part of the cassava, so he plans to process cassava peels, unlocking additional revenue streams. The demand for his products is high, particularly in his hometown, indicating a promising market. To meet this demand and optimize profitability, Ibrahim aims to scale up his operations and explore new avenues for growth.

Product Readiness and Expansion: Ibrahim’s journey has been marked by significant milestones and ongoing progress. Through successful grant applications, Ibrahim has secured resources and opportunities for growth. This includes attending a six-month training course and acquiring essential equipment for gari processing, starch production, and animal feed. With a meticulous approach to farming, Ibrahim harvested 172 bags of raw cassava, demonstrating the potential of his enterprise. He has also invested in a second-hand grinding machine for cassava processing. Currently, in the pilot phase of rice farming, Ibrahim has already harvested a significant yield, fueling his ambition to expand commercial rice farming operations. Negotiations are underway to secure 100 acres of land for this purpose.

Regulatory Compliance and Entrepreneurial Excellence: Ibrahim’s commitment to professionalism is evident in his adherence to regulatory requirements. He is registered with Kenema City Council, Office of the Administrator and Registrar General, SMEDA, NASSIT, and NRA, ensuring his business operates within the legal framework. Ibrahim’s entrepreneurial acumen extends beyond compliance, as he excels in record-keeping, staff welfare, and adaptability. He is known for his organizational skills, effective communication, and dedication to continuous learning. The enterprise employs four staff members and a dedicated volunteer, with a clear delegation of duties.

Driving Growth and Organizational Development: Ibrahim recognizes the importance of setting up robust policies and systems to propel the business forward. He envisions implementing Standard Operating Procedures, Human Resources Policies, and Finance Policies to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. Additionally, staff development is a priority for Ibrahim, as evidenced by training initiatives focused on entrepreneurship development and agribusiness. These efforts have garnered recognition and support from organizations such as SMEDEA, Aurora Foundation, and the GIZ Accelerator Pitch Prize.

Ibrahim Papanie Mboma’s journey with Mamawa Muyengay Agric Business Enterprise exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and agricultural innovation. Through his diversification efforts, agro-processing plans, and meticulous approach to farming, Ibrahim is making significant strides in the agricultural sector. With a focus on growth, regulatory compliance, and staff development, he is shaping a prosperous future for his enterprise and contributing to the local community’s economic advancement.

Aurora Impact thanks him for his dedication and is happy to have him as part of Aurora Impact’s Cohort 5.

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