Aurora Foundation Supports TELEM: Sierra Leonean Creative Community in a Global Musical Journey



Aurora Foundation Supports Sierra Leonean Creative Community in a Global Musical Journey

In our creative sector in Sierra Leone, the Aurora Foundation proudly sponsored TELEM, a vibrant hub of artistic talent to embark on a remarkable journey, attending the Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop (GMW) – a unique platform that celebrates the convergence of diverse musical traditions from around the world.

Silkroad’s GMW is nothing short of a musical marvel, where melodies from India, Mali, the United States, China, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, and more intertwine to create harmonious symphonies. It was a celebration of cultural diversity, an ode to the universal language of music, and a showcase of the boundless possibilities when musicians from different corners of the globe come together.

This year, GMW witnessed the presence of nearly 80 musicians, each hailing from one of the 25 different countries represented. TELEM, representing Sierra Leone, was among these exceptional talents. We commit to nurturing the arts and culture of Sierra Leone. The creative sector in Sierra Leone is brimming with untapped potential, waiting to be unveiled on the world stage.

As TELEM shares their artistic expressions on a global platform, they carry with them the essence of Sierra Leonean culture, music, and heritage. This not only promotes cross-cultural exchange but also fosters a deeper understanding of Sierra Leone’s rich artistic tapestry.

With this sponsorship, the Aurora Foundation wants to send a  message of encouragement to every artist, musician, and creative mind in Sierra Leone. It’s a promise that their talent, their culture, and their voices matter on a global scale.

As TELEM and other artists from Sierra Leone continue to shine on international platforms, the Aurora Foundation eagerly anticipates the unfolding of new chapters in the ever-evolving story of Sierra Leonean arts and culture. Their support is not just an investment in TELEM; it’s an investment in the bright future of creativity in Sierra Leone.

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