Meet Augustine from Cohort 5 – Aurora Impact


In the heart of Tiama, South of Sierra Leone, an agricultural enterprise is making strides towards improving rural livelihoods and fostering sustainable global food systems. AUGMAC Farms (SL) Limited, founded by Augustine Macarthy, is dedicated to transforming cassava farming and processing it into gari, a staple food in the region. Despite facing challenges, Augustine’s vision and determination drive him to overcome obstacles and create a positive impact in his community. With a clear vision of enhancing rural livelihoods and contributing to sustainable global food systems, Augustine embarked on this journey to revolutionize cassava farming and gari production. His commitment to creating meaningful change is evident in every aspect of AUGMAC Farms’ operations.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media: AUGMAC Farms (SL) Limited leverages the digital landscape to its advantage. With an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and a dedicated website, Augustine keeps his followers informed about the latest agricultural developments. Although official production has not yet begun due to the lack of machinery, these online platforms serve as a means to maintain relevance and engage with the target audience. AUGMAC Farms remains steadfast in its mission until the processing stage begins.

Overcoming Challenges and Adapting Strategies: Augustine encountered various obstacles on his journey, including theft during the cassava harvest. To mitigate this issue, he plans to transition to a different variety of bitter cassava that is less prone to theft. Despite the setback, Augustine’s resilience and adaptability shine through. He had initially aimed for a harvest of 20 to 30 bags of cassava but managed to salvage 10 bags. Recognizing the need for product readiness, he has secured land closer to Tiama in the Pelewahun community, doubling the farm size from 2 to 4 acres. Furthermore, he has built a dedicated processing center for gari production, ready to spring into action once the necessary financial resources are available.

Diverse Crop Cultivation and Income Generation: To boost revenue and support AUGMAC Farms, Augustine has ventured into farming cash crops, such as pepper and groundnuts. These crops have short growing cycles, taking a maximum of three months, and can be cultivated twice a year. The favorable market prices for these crops offer encouraging prospects for AUGMAC Farms. Augustine’s strategic decision to diversify his agricultural activities demonstrates his dedication to the growth and sustainability of the enterprise.

Commitment to Knowledge and Business Development: Augustine’s hunger for knowledge and continuous improvement drives him to seek comprehensive training and practical tools. He understands the importance of a well-structured business plan, financial record-keeping, crowdfunding opportunities, strategic operations, business ethics, strategic business planning, and corporate social responsibility. Augustine aims to tackle existing and future business constraints by equipping himself with expertise in these areas.

Augustine Macarthy’s journey with AUGMAC Farms (SL) Limited embodies the spirit of resilience, innovation, and community impact. Through his dedication to improving rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems, Augustine is charting a path towards a brighter future. His unwavering commitment to making a difference shines through as he navigates challenges, cultivates diverse crops, and explores avenues for growth. AUGMAC Farms serves as an inspiring example of an agricultural enterprise that not only contributes to the local economy but also strives to transform lives

Visit to Augustine founder of Augmac farms, Augustine is on the picture