Lumely market arts and crafts workshop with LHI Visitors


Greetings from Sierra Leone’s cultural hub! We are thrilled to share a transformative day at Lumley Arts and Crafts Market, on the morning of January 16th, the Lumley Arts and Crafts Market became the canvas for a day-long workshop that united the artistic souls of Icelandic students and professors with the seasoned artisans of Sierra Leone. The anticipation was palpable as the Lumley artisans eagerly welcomed their visitors, ready to share and exchange creative insights.

The workshop unfolded with a series of engaging group activities, done in pairs, that proved to be instrumental for both the visitors and the local artisans. The Icelandic guests delved into the West African methods of dyeing fabric, discovering the intricate processes of transforming fabrics into unique crafts and novelties. They explored cultural knitting techniques and instruments, gaining firsthand experience with the materials used by the Lumley artisans to craft their exciting products.


Conversely, the Lumley artisans were treated to a wealth of knowledge from their Icelandic counterparts. They learned about sketching, upcoming fashion trends, and how the Southern Hemisphere is projected to be the trendsetter in the world of fashion. The exchange extended to the art of making natural, sustainable dyes sourced from plants and other natural elements.


Untitled design – 1As the day unfolded, both parties not only forged meaningful connections but also actively participated in the creation of exciting items born from this cross-cultural collaboration. The Lumley Arts and Crafts Market echoed with the sounds of shared laughter, creative expression, and the joy of learning from one another.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing to weave the threads of creativity that unite us all.