Brama town workshop with LHI visitors


The visitors from Listahaskoli Islands dove headfirst into the rich cultural tapestry of Sierra Leone, immersing themselves in our community and fostering a creative exchange that promises to leave a lasting impact. The first detour of their visit was a journey to Brama Town, where a 3-day workshop unfolded, bringing together the artistic prowess of Listahaskoli Islands and the skilled artisans of Brama Town.

The first day witnessed an exciting exploration of the Brama Town weavers’ talents. Under the watchful guidance of our Icelandic visitors, including the esteemed Chief Samuel, the weavers had the freedom to unleash their creativity, creating designs that showcased their unique skill sets. It was a day of discovery and celebration of the rich artistic heritage within Brama Town.


On the second day, the collaborative spirit soared as instructors and weavers joined forces to craft new designs. This involved an engaging exchange of ideas, cultural influences, and artistic techniques. The fusion of Icelandic design sensibilities with Sierra Leonean craftsmanship led to the birth of innovative and culturally rich designs.


The final leg of the workshop saw the transformation of these designs into tangible products. Intricately woven baskets with unique designs, the result was a collection of items that not only showcase the collaborative efforts but also have the potential to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for Sweet Salone’s next wave of innovative products.


At the Aurora Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration to create positive change. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering cultural exchanges that empower communities and elevate artistic expression. We extend our gratitude to Listahaskoli Islands for joining hands with us on this transformative journey.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration, and let us continue to celebrate the boundless possibilities that arise when art knows no boundaries.

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