Girls’ Education in Sierra Leone

2013 – 2015
USD 261,000
Sierra Leone


Over the duration of the 1991–2002 civil war in Sierra Leone, a large part of the educational system was devastated, meaning that a great number of children lost the opportunity to attend school. By the end of the war, less than 70% of primary aged school children had received a basic education. Much has been done to rebuild the system over recent years and the Aurora Foundation has been an active participant by means of its support for Government endeavours. The Government of Sierra Leone’s most recent Education Sector Plan for the years 2014–2018 is called Learning to Succeed.

This project builds upon an earlier project funded by Aurora over the period of 2008 – 2012, which aimed to increase the school enrolment of primary school children and improve the quality of education in primary schools of the Kono district.

The project to support girls’ education in Sierra Leone had a wider scope. The overall objective was to improve the quality of education in primary schools throughout Sierra Leone by giving pregnant girls and Ebola affected children access to quality education.

This is one of four projects that Aurora has supported in the educational sector in Sierra Leone through UNICEF in the period 2008–2016.