Sigurgeir´s Bird collection

USD 230,000

Sigurgeir’s Bird Collection is named after Sigurgeir Stefánsson from Ytri-Neslöndum in Mývatn who had a keen interest in birdlife and nature. He collected stuffed birds and eggs and had managed to accumulate 320 specimens from around 100 species of Icelandic nesting birds until 1999 when he died in an accident. Sigurgeir’s relatives decided to build a museum in his memory, which would house his collection, along with Sleipni – a boat owned by Jón Sigtryggsson from Syðri-Neslöndum – one of the first modes of transportation for the people of Mývatn. The museum has enriched the culture and lives of people in the Mývatn area, now recognised as one of the most important bird-watching sites in Europe.

Aurora Foundation funded the design and installation of the exhibition, thus providing the means necessary to open the museum to the public.