The Journey of Habib Turay and Sierra Pork


Sierra Pork SL Limited is an innovative registered agri-business dedicated to providing quality pork products to locals. Sierra Pork SL Limited has positioned itself as a key player in the region’s agricultural sector, strongly emphasizing sustainability, animal welfare, and community development. He has put up a structure which can keep 200 pigs.

Sierra Pork has been in operation for over two years; they have grown from a small-scale farm to a significant producer in the region. Their operations include state-of-the-art facilities for breeding, raising, and processing pigs. They prioritize animal welfare and adhere to rigorous health and safety standards to ensure the production of high-quality pork.

Habib is a dedicated individual who has grown significantly in the past few months. He participated in the Aurora Impact Cohort 5 Start-up Programme and was fully engaged during the in-class sessions. Later, he progressed to the Investment Readiness Bootcamp in October 2023 to further enhance his growth and sustainability. This program is designed to prepare start-ups for attracting and managing investment capital effectively. Due to his hard work and dedication, he was selected among the top seven applicants to pitch his business idea at the Aurora Foundation pitch competition.

Over the last six months, Sierra Pork has exhibited robust business performance, characterized by a consistent upsurge in production, sales, and market share. As of February 2023, the total inventory comprises 95 pigs. The objective is to escalate pork production to fulfil local demand by 2030. Presently, the business proprietor has been utilizing personal earnings to sustain the business and actively searching for external donors for support.